auto://loop Performer Synthesizer

A custom synthesizer for experimental performances based on the Axoloti Core board. I wanted to design a synth with a lot of controls, so I can play it like an instrument in many different ways. That’s why I chose to add some controls you won’t find easily in “commercial/off-the-shelf” synths. The synth has two distance sensors, that can be used to play it like a theremin. There’s also an extra stereo jack input for a Behringer foot pedal, so you can push buttons with your feet while your hands are playing with the other controls.

All artwork for the top plate of the synth was made with the Adobe Source Code Pro font. The exact location for each controller was based on the layout.

The top of the auto://loop performer synth.
The back of the auto://loop performer synth.
Glyphs from the Adobe Source Sans font, used for the graphics of the top plate.
Full graphics of the top plate.