Hi, I'm Jan Vantomme.
I'm a freelance creative technologist based in Ghent, Belgium.
I design digital and physical products and experiences.

Things I Do

The roles I play change with each project.
I'm usually involved from concept to production.

Technical Research

During the concepual/creative phase of a project, before pitching a project to a client, I do a feasibility study. I check the if the chosen technology is mature enough to express the idea, and suggest alternatives if necessary. Or I adapt the idea so it would be easier to implement within the proposed budget.


Starting early in the process of a new project, sometimes even during the pitch phase, I create prototypes. This helps to understand the limitations of the chosen technology. These prototypes are fully functional, and form a good base for the production phase.


I've been using a variety of programming languages and platforms to develop projects. Earlier installations were built with Processing or openFrameworks. More recent projects were usually built with Untiy3D, a web-based control panel, and a node.js server to route communication between the different parts of the installation.

Computational Design

I create tools to optimise the design process. Sometimes parametric, sometimes generative, but usually somewhere inbetween. These are used to explore a wide range of design options in a much faster way than in traditional design process. Custom software can also be used to automate repetitive tasks, leaving more time to focus on the creative process.

Visual Design

I have a background in graphic design, but I mostly design dynamic identity systems for brands. This often includes writing custom software to generate brand assets. Using these custom tools, it's possible to create many different types of outputs ranging from print to video.

Sound Design

Sound plays a vital role in enhancing user experiences and immersing players in a world of their own. I often create background music and sound effects for interactive installations or games. Every sound effect is meticulously crafted to create a seamless and captivating audio environment.

Types of Projects I Do

Versatility is the cornerstone of my skillset. My passion lies in crafting unforgettable experiences, regardless of the medium or industry.

Interactive Installations

I've made interactive art installations for exhibitions and commercial events in New York, Chicago, Brussels, London, Brighton and Coventry.

These installations were mainly built with Unity, Processing and openFrameworks. I often use computer vision and custom electronics for interaction. Lately I've been exploring Unreal Engine as well to make the visuals even more compelling.

Live Visuals

Music holds a special place in my heart, and I love to craft interactive experiences that transcend the boundaries of traditional performances.

Live visuals have the unique capacity to transport the audience into another world, providing a visual context that complements the sonic experience.

Product Design

I've worked on a lot of mobile and web applications, usually drawing and documenting static wireframes, and creating clickable prototypes with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. I've worked on apps for startups, banks, newspapers, and large corporations. Some applications I designed are used by several million people.

Augmented Reality

I've used augmented reality as a technique in many interactive installations, even in a moving car. And I've also built smartphone applications where you could configure your own product or sculpture, and place it in the real world.

Data Visualisation

Next to doing experimental data visualisation, I've also worked on web applications to visualise large datasets. Most of these tools are used in-house in corporate environments, so unfortunately I can't show them in my portfolio.

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